Day of sleep: to sleep well, pajamas are not enough

Other than counting the sheep: to run in the arms of Morfeo entrusted to our sleepwear tips

Today is the World Sleep Day. The slogan this year is “Join the World Sleep, preserve your rhythms to enjoy life.”

A philosophy of life (night) that the fantastic world of fashion expresses with the sleepwear collections: the ideal clothing to reconcile sleep. Some retailers, and in particular Zara Home, include this category in loungewear. In this section the Inditex brand dedicated to the house has reserved more collections, among them the gray linen summer pajamas. But there are really a lot of clothes and accessories that can improve sleep starting from its preparation such as the cotton dressing gown with contrasting piping or nécessaire fabric to hold contact lenses, creams, combs and anything that can make you feel good. Many support the soporific contribution of writing good thoughts of the night.

Before returning home, he moved from Urban Outfitters, his memo red notebook has this function. And always in the phase of preparation for sleep the idea of ​​a herbal tea is definitely healthy. Prepare it with the Tom Dixon teapot. And try to create the right atmosphere, perhaps with the Fornasetti porcelain candle; turn it off, however, before going to sleep. If you really can not get to sleep, throw yourself on the sofa with a plaid, the hot water bouillotte and a nice pair of Johnstons of Elgin wool socks, miraculous. By the way, falling asleep with cold feet is really torture. Going around the house, put on your feet a pair of comfortable slippers in the most elegant version by Adoro-Te or more easy by Pijama. Which among the accessories has also created a mask with optical check printing. And in the morning when you wake up, take your time. If you need help slowly try with Toast Living., The set for the preparation of the American coffee. Other than percorelle …

















































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