What do Balenciaga slippers have to do with Bernie Sanders?

Balenciaga launches the blue swimming slippers with logo inspired by the 2016 political campaign by Bernie Sanders for the election of the President of the United States

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If you already think it’s an absurdity to pay 40 euros for a pair of pool slippers – obviously branded – then, for your mental health I advise you not to continue reading the article. If you’ve been waiting for them since January of last year, after seeing them in the Balenciaga Homme show, know that the day has arrived. On the e-store of the historic French fashion house founded in 1937 and currently owned by Kering, you will find the Balenciaga blue “otherwise- pool slippers“.

No, the adverb otherwise is not due only to the cost: we are talking about €450. And if you have reached this point of reading, you know very well that this is not a bad joke, but the acute and yet another provocation perpetrated by Damna Gvasalia, the last authentic enfant terrible of French fashion, although he is a native of Abkhazia, a small region claimed by Georgia.

These pool slippers or slides, as they classify most e-commerce, have all the characteristics to be considered a work of art with an investment like the cost of creating a young artist.

First of all we are not talking about a slipper that can be purchased with less than 20 euros at the market. We are considering a sandal made of fine lambskin. A product that can only be created by expert hands like those of the artisan maître who obtain high public honors in France. And that’s not all, because to be a work of art and to enter into the desires of collectors must have a meaning that goes beyond the work itself. The flat pool sandals in question also point this. The artistic director of Balenciaga, in the design on paper of these different-slippers, was freely inspired by the political campaign of the US Senator for Vermont Bernie Sanders in the run for the 2016 US presidential election. A politician who in his career has distinguished himself for promoting actions to support the rights of homosexuals, ethnic minorities and the unemployed; which opposed the war in Iraq and is opposed to the death penalty. At the opposite end of Donald Trump, in short. The slippers in question could very well be mistaken for a campaign gadget. The central band of the blue Balenciaga slippers, in fact, embossed the logo of the French maison on three waves in white / red inspired by the logo used by Bernie for the presidential elections of 2016. Now, even the meaning has been ascertained, you just have to hurry up (they will definitely be a blockbuster) and be very careful not to use them, otherwise you’ll never be able to put them on patrimony as a work of art.






































Article taken from https://www.gqitalia.it/moda/trend/new/2018/03/12/cosa-centrano-le-ciabatte-da-piscina-di-balenciaga-con-bernie-sanders/

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