Cristiano Ronaldo in his underwear for his underwear

High quality garments to look and feel good about yourself: the strength of the CR7 underwear collection by Cristiano Ronaldo

Instagram, facebook, twitter, but in general all the social news, have offered all the fans the opportunity to snoop in the intimacy of their favorites. So, Cristiano Ronaldo who with the Polaroid format images has a certain familiarity – given his 122 million followers – has decided to enrich the latest press campaign of the underwear line CR7 with its privacy:

“Since underwear is objectively the most intimate garment of every man’s wardrobe, I thought to show the collection in my most personal spaces: walking around the house in moments of intimacy seemed to me the most natural choice”.

The press campaign of the ninth CR7 Underwear collection, in addition to giving the fanbase a look on the life of Ronaldo, wants to highlight the most luxurious aspect of Cristiano Ronaldo’s underwear idea. “Underwear”, says the golden ball, “is the basis of any clothing and it is important to wear quality items that make you look and feel good“. How important it is for the style of a man to choose a beautiful dress, a pair of jeans suited to his silhouette, a well-ironed white shirt and trendy sneakers, so, a great intimate is the obvious choice to take. The CR7 Underwear collection is produced and distributed by JBS Tessile Group, a Danish company on the market for over 70 years. In this collection the watchword is eye-catchhing or particularly attractive briefs and boxers without falling into the ridiculous. A luxury-looking underwear for its ability to combine quality and craftsmanship in which color still plays an important role, but with a more refined palette: there is no lack of crisp whites and more sophisticated tones. A collection that marries the logomania of this period with the presence on the elasticity of the life of the two writings in capital CR7 or CRISTIANO RONADO. A collection that can be summarized in this simple statement of the 5 times Golden Ball: “I love the fact that underwear can bring an element of everyday luxury”. How do you disagree.


































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