Asos launches Style Match, the Shazam of fashion

With ASOS’s Style Match, you only need one click, an Instagram screenshot, a friend’s photo or the outfit seen on a magazine to instantly find the items of the desired look

Making purchases easier: this really seems like the mantra of 2018. It certainly is for ASOS. The online destination of young fashion has developed Style Match, a feature that allows customers to upload a photo on the app (a shot, an Instagram screenshot, a friend’s photo or the outfit seen on a magazine) and look for the look more like the more than 85,000 products on its e-commerce site. But this should not be surprising if it is true (and it is) that ASOS is born to give people the opportunity to buy clothes and accessories worn by famous people seen on TV. In fact ASOS is the acronym of AsSeenOnScreen, As Seen On The Screen.

The e-commerce site has always been involved in the use of machine learning and data science to facilitate and improve the shopping experience of its customers. The idea of Style Match comes from the observation of the behavior of twenty-year-old fashion fans who prefer to download images instead of taking photos directly.

Thus, thanks to Style Match, customers will be able to quickly and in a few clicks look for products similar to those desired only thanks to a simple photo.

The application available for iOS and Android is among the top rated in the Apple App Store. The feature, active in England since August 2017, is represented by a camera icon available in the search bar of the app. This app is added to the different services already activated by the international portal. Among these there is “Find your size“, to receive advice on sizes and models, and “Choices for you“, for personalized suggestions based on previous purchases. The choice of a mobile app was also influenced by the e-commerce traffic data. Today, around 70% of ASOS global traffic and about 50% of global sales come from mobile devices, with users staying on the app an average of 80 minutes per month. Italy is in a leading position for ASOS for the use of smartphones, with more than 80% of traffic coming from mobile devices. And since we Italians are so important for ASOS, let’s make sure to pronounce well on the name: it says “EI-SOS



































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