Trench, raincoat or parka: the important thing is that it is waterproof

20 most interesting rainwear items for spring summer 2018

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As in politics, even in anti-rain clothing, the Italians lined up on three fronts: those who wear only raincoats, those who wear trenches and parka. How to distinguish them? All three are long at least up to mid-leg; although longer and shorter versions exist. The raincoat is strictly single-breasted, the trench coat is double-breasted and the parka is easily recognizable because it has a hood. Although the data of Google trends give the research of the term waterproof (of course in the clothing category) 2 to 1 on the trench, it is from this chief symbol of the wet season that we start to talk about the most interesting anti rain models of spring 2018.

The trench was born in 1901 from the laboratories of Thomas Burberry who received the order from the English War Ministry to produce for the army a garment with characteristics of both the ordinance raincoat and the military coat. In fact, in addition to Burberry, even the British brands Aquascutum and Mackintosh claim the paternity of the trench coat.

In the gallery, Burberry is in the typical honey color in a short version and therefore more sporty, while the Mackintosh model proposed by Mr Porter loses the military details such as the oblique cut shoulders (raglan), the chin strap and the insignia; however, it maintains the typical khaki color. Cobalt, on the other hand, for the lightweight travel version of Aquascutum which can be folded into a small case. It keeps all the typical features of the trench coat – including the Nelson Fresh Cot model of L’Impermeabile, and it is almost already sold-out the marc version of Stone Island: double-breasted trench coat in cotton satin of military origin with polyurethane coating effect metal.

The raincoat is among the most popular male wardrobe items, especially in metropolitan areas where the comfort of a waterproof jacket and at most a hat is preferred. La Martina presents a very elegant hybrid model: a trench coat for the braces and the double breast; a raincoat due to the absence of the belt and the chin strap. And it retains only the double-breasted lacing, typical of the trench version, the bi-color proposal and thermonastrated stitching of the Esemplare. A typical example of a Milanese raincoat is the water repellent wool model by Boggi Milano, which is also joined by Boombogie and the technical fabric models by Find, the private lable by Amazon Moda. The same characteristics of aesthetic cleanness also for MR P, a brand owned by the Yoox Net-a-Porter group; while to strike, in a universe of solid colors, is the waterproof Bartolomeo di Paltò in a psychedelic tartan. Two colors, blue and green, is the solution studied by Mango Man, followed by the shabby version, but very interesting by Pence 1979. A minimalist two-pocket design is the weatherproof idea of ​​SUN68. And we close the waterproof section with the Packable Field jacket from Timberland: foldable in a hooped clutch bag, it has the 4 iconic square pockets open on the front and the retractable hood.

The purists of the parka, will say that there is only one winter version: water repellent jacket padded with fur (also synthetic) with hood and closure (buttons + zipper) up to the neck. In fact, in their favor, we have a less varied choice of clothes, but definitely interesting. Fashion evolves and for this reason we also include in the parka category Sealup, the most significant Italian brand in the shower-resistant sector; here we present the green version of its 4-pocket Mac Phanton model. And always-green is also the model Battle Parka by Carhartt WIP, indestructible. Quite curious is the raincoat (used as an adjective) Velo Couture by Schneiders Salzburg, born to avoid being caught in the bicycle by the unexpected showers of spring and summer. On the other hand, the drawstring and the hood are the trench-parka by Be Around. And with Nobis‘ Fisherman Red model we really close the anti-rain proposals of our spring summer 2018.






























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