Swatch 35 years and a new watch to perfection

The fashion house that revolutionized the concept of the cool watch celebrates its anniversary with a new model signed by Ugo Nespolo

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What happens in the vast majority of cases is that, because a watch is cool and becomes a status symbol, it must tend to be expensive. An unwritten rule that, exactly 35 years ago, was undermined by Swatch: a plastic timepiece born just like “second watch” (this is the acronym of the brand name) that the owners of luxurious watches could wear on holiday or in moments when you want to bring something less demanding.

Therefore, at the age of 35, it is not just a product, but a real cultural revolution (ignoring, moreover, the fundamental role played by this creation in the revival of Swiss watchmaking). No wonder then that the most colorful and irreverent house of the world of the hands has decided to celebrate by giving a new model as a result of collaboration with a great artist: Ugo Nespolo. The Italian master, who had already ventured with the enterprise 25 years ago to use as a canvas the few millimeters of a Swatch dial creates Swatch Ugo, a new Special with a playful style, which plays on the dial and the strap with the number “35 “In the typical bright and bold shades of the artist.

A limited edition of 3,535 numbered copies, for sale at 75 euros.

“More than a clock – says the same Nespolo – is an ideology, because this product tells the idea that to make art interesting is also the ability to bring it into the world and not to leave it to the exclusive prerogative of some collector: it’s a wrist artwork. ”

The clock was launched at the Cité du Temps in Geneva on the occasion of the inauguration of the Numbers exhibition (open until 1 May), entirely conceived by Ugo Nespolo, which includes 35 of his creations on the theme of numbers and presents a wide variety of techniques, languages and cultural references to be discovered.





























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