Boggi Milano wins the Reta Awards

Provide customers with an omnichannel service through the creation of synergies between e-commerce and retail: the solution implemented by Boggi Milano to facilitate shopping and win the prestigious European Reta Awards

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Boggi Milano is the best retail (retail) in Europe able to guarantee the customer an omnichannel shopping experience. This was established by EHI Retail Institute, a prestigious German scientific institution, which awarded the Italian clothing brand the Reta Awards (Retail Technology Awards Europe) for the Best Instore Solution and Best Omnichannel Solution category. Industry, universities and research institutes agree that within the retail world the new perspective is not selling more, but facilitating the purchase to the customer. So, if until a few years ago, buying a garment could be a match without exclusion of blows between online and store, now to decree the prosperity of a sign is just the interaction of the two: omnichannel. A shopping experience able to link online and store in one simple process.

Thanks to the omnichannel integration of Boggi Milano, customers can thus make purchases in the way they prefer: Click&Collect where you can make online shopping and pick-up at the store chosen by the customer; Reserve in Store that allows the booking of one or more articles online and the proof in a store with the assistance of a personal shopper; Order in Store, the solution that allows you to order one or more items online directly from the store.

The ease of the customer in buying a Boggi Milano article is the goal of a journey that has involved the entire company in the last two and a half years. A seamless shopping experience (seamless) that was implemented through the installation of various touch points made available by the company to realize the shopping made in Boggi. An additional opportunity, confirmed by the company, which is having a positive impact on the sales of both channels.




























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