Oscar 2018, the 10 most elegant men

The best of the men’s red carpet at the Academy awards night in five sophisticated ‘rock’ choices and 5 flawless classics. With an award to originality and a trend to explode apart (the return, very colorful, velvet)

Finally the red carpet abandons the total black grammar of the protest, postponing the message from spillette, dress code and words to the facts and daily practices of a showbiz that reconsiders its rules after the Weinstein scandal and those that have broken out to follow.

The strong signal has arrived; now it’s time to lead the transformation.

On the red carpet of the Oscar 2018 this passage is marked not only by a return to codes (even color) more personal but also by an atmosphere that is lightened in general, giving some of the most incredible and unusual photos of the Oscars, come this’ year at their 90th edition.

There is a lot of research and a lot of elegance on the catwalk surrounded by statues and golden symbols of the Academy, so the selection focuses on a few looks and a work of art (in the less fashionable and more literal sense of the term) to tell then in a different gallery, the most obvious male trend: the velvet smoking jacket (when not the whole outfit), in a fantasy of colors never seen before.

Three outfits that will leave more the sign, the white dress that Timothée Chalamet combines with black chelsea boots and the painted shirt that portrays it worn by James Ivory, respectively protagonist and screenwriter of Chiamami colo tuo nome, both in nominations and representatives of two distant generations, who stand out for their genuinely rock style choices, and the graphic evening coat of ‘Black PantherChadwick Boseman, as powerful as the message of his film Marvel.


























Article taken from https://www.gqitalia.it/moda/trend/best/2018/03/06/oscar-2018-red-carpet-migliori-look-uomini-piu-eleganti/

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