Goodbye sneakers. All crazy for the trainers couture

Used (once) in gymnasiums as simple sneakers, the trainers (today) rise on the catwalk, becoming bigger, more clumsy and more colorful

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All crazy about the trainers. Maybe someone has spread the word among the luxury brands on the need to create more offers for young players and in particular for the Millennials, the target of buyers objectively more responsive to the news. And it is clear that young people love breaking with the past, although this has just a few weeks, at most a few months. So, instead of the sneakers with such a minimalist and clean look to the most faintly worn out for urban taste, luxury trainers make their noisy appearance: large and colorful sneakers. On the contrary, they are bigger and clumsier and more attractive. And it’s not just young people who love them.

The trainers really represent a break with both the elegance of the classic leather lace-up and the radical-chic sneaker / dress. The trainers transport us beyond the concept of comfort, sport and good debt. It comes from smiling to think the effort endured by sneakers to be accepted right in the places intended for young people (including those of spirit) as discos, clubs and night clubs.

Until recently, it was unthinkable to present yourself from the physio of a club (the one who can make your evening a total flop leaving you outside the door) with a pair of Reebok Fury, Nike VaporMax, Huarake or Adidas EQT: sneakers from which everything started. Time will tell us if the trainers will lend their shape to a passenger whim of the jet-set or if they will irreversibly change their function. The young social-media influencers have already openly supported the second hypothesis. Some doubts (perhaps) still lingers in the respectable tastes of analog journalism. Someone warns the bouncers of the nightclubs to let the wearer enter the trainers: it’s true, they look very spartan sneakers, but they have couture prices.

























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