Vetements x DHL, when the work uniform is cool

How to transform a work uniform into an ultra-trendy garment: a lesson from Vetements x DHL

Vetements former Parisian brand now moving to Zurich and run by designer Demna Gvasalia has designed DHL theme T-shirts. No, it is not the classic story of the famous designer who designs uniforms for a transport operator. The capsule collection in question will not be used to dress the employees who (almost) every day deliver the products purchased on the web. This is an exclusive collection sold on specialized portals. The two men’s t-shirts designed by Demna (the same designer that designs Balenciaga) are for sale on Mr Porter.

They are available in the short-sleeved polo and piqué cotton in a mix of red, black and yellow. Compared to the 2016 summer model sold out in less than 2 weeks, this model is more tight and differs from the previous one both for cutting lines and for the presence on the left sleeve of the bar code with the words Vetements . Obviously, the DHL logo is also in full view. Logo also present in red in the yellow long-sleeved T-shirt and oversize version.

Now, when DHL will deliver the parcels, you will look at the clerk with other eyes. This is the power of fashion, the conceptual, the living, the one that manages to transform the ordinariness of a work uniform into a garment full of desire that climbs the ranking of the must-haves of the season and triggers hunting on the web. It remains to be asked: what will be the courier who will deliver at home the heads of the Vetements x DHL capsule collection?






















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