Lacoste polo shirts with endangered species instead of crocodile

The French brand launches 1775 white poles where in place of the famous logo appear 10 species of animals at risk of extinction

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Once upon a time there was a crocodile and now … it’s gone. But only for a little and only on the 1775 pole that Lacoste has decided to dedicate to 10 protected species by removing the famous symbol of the maison that has been the official logo since 1933. From the Sumatran tiger to the rhinos of Java passing through the gibbon Cao Vit, the 10 species of animals at risk are part of a capsule collection that was presented at the Paris fashion show in recent days, and sold out immediately. Strictly white, to celebrate the original model with which the French tennis player René Lacoste impressed the spectators of the ’30s of Grand Slam tournaments, the pole went on sale on the site at 150 euros, and the proceeds of sales will go to the organization “Save Our Species ”

“We are launching a partnership with the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), creating 10 new centers where our beloved crocodile will exceptionally leave room for 10 threatened species”, recounts the Italian designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista “It is a collaboration to particularly dear to me, given the extreme urgency and seriousness of the topic it deals with.

Ten looks of the show are dedicated to these ten species “.

T-shirts have been produced in number equal to the number of specimens of the species still present in nature: so for example only 30 of the Gulf of California porpoise and 231 of the California condors.















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