Gucci Allucination, showcasing interactive fashion

The windows of Gucci stores become the pretext for activating Instagram followers to digital purchase

#GucciAllucination is the perception that occurs at the Gucci showcases under the stimulus from the works of the Spanish artist Ignasi Monreal, but that is experienced by the subject as activated by the sense organs and confused with reality. We have revisited the definition of hallucination used by Zingarelli to recount the new digital experience created by Gucci for the spring summer 2018 season. Gucci launched the new digital activation project on Instagram: protagonists will be the windows of Gucci stores all over the world. Those of Milan Monte Napoleone are already active. The showcases will be set up with a large screen on which an animated digital image will be made by Ignasi Monreal, just as if it were a work of art in a gallery.

Adesivo scannerizzabile Gucci Allucination

A scannable sticker (see figure above) affixed to the windows will allow through the Gucci App to have access to a microsite, where users can download wallpapers and ‘browse’ a catalog with other images created by Monreal and Gucci items available for purchase.

The graphics of the sticker are inspired by old tickets for access to exhibitions, cinemas and museums, and suggests the idea that this is a real key to accessing a fun and informative experience. In style The adventures of Alice in Wonderland. All the elements of the sticker are taken from the Monreal illustrations for the Spring Summer 2018 advertising campaign, including some of the creatures that populate the Gucci Garden. All Gucci news can be found on Instagram with the hashtag #GucciAllucination














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