La Martina is full of influencer with Ne-Yo, star of the RB

Urban aesthetics, sports references, dynamic target: La Martina test match convinces fashion influencers

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La Martina demonstrates to ride the wave of change taking place in the fashion world with a fashion performance during Milan Fashion Week. In the idea that show is more effective than saying, the Argentine brand has collected the influencers of fashion and bien vivre at Cinema Manzoni in Milan. Waiting for them on stage the Fair Play capsule collection with its 18 garments: a mix of heritage and streetwear vision.

The revisiting of some of the most significant pieces, by three designers, Danilo Paura, Jacopo Pozzati and Leonardo Colacicco, puts a dynamic target in the crosshairs, in a mix between urban aesthetics and sports references that goes beyond the seasons and the genre labels . It is no coincidence that among the guests are the most active faces of fashion such as the stainless Alessandro Squarzi, the new entries Luca Vezil and Valentina Ferragni but also several sport champions including Massimo Ambrosini and Filippo Magnini.

To give a more street allure to the event La Martina, a bevy of wild b-boy and b-girl engaged in choreographic sessions of breaking. The vocal presence of a star and stripe R&B star, the singer-songwriter, producer and record producer Ne-Yo, is the soundtrack of the event, Shaffer Chimere Smith. Six consecutive albums in the top 10 American, three Grammy and author of many voices such as Rihanna, Jay-Z, CelineDion and Beyoncé: Ne-Yo is in Italy to present his latest effort, Good Man. Title very much in line with the heat of the Fair Play capsule collection by La Martina: respect, loyalty, integrity, nobility, courage, friendship.













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