The style of 8 actors to draw inspiration from today

Star from the eternal fascination from which to take inspiration even today

What unites them is a mix of talent, charm, personality; and thanks to the cinema they have all become unique and inimitable stars and style icons all over the world. Each of them, however, naturally, in his own way. There are those who have become thanks to the innate class, who the brilliant and perfect beauty, those who managed to become famous thanks to some imperfection. And yet, there are those who have always stood out for their posture and elegance, some for the irresistible air of “enfant terrible” or latin lover. One thing, however, is sure: each of them has entered, rightfully, in the history of cinema and the aura of charm that surrounds them will always accompany them. Not to mention their styles, always and always, trendy. Authentic icons of men’s fashion, to which, today as yesterday, we are inspired. That’s why we decided to go back in time, remote but also more recent, and remember the enormous contribution that these important figures have given to the history of fashion.

Who made famous what? Let’s go and discover the garments and accessories, still terribly cool, that these actors have made authentic must-haves of our wardrobe. Let yourself be inspired and … take notes!

Marcello Mastroianni – Man of all-Italian charm, symbol of the unrepentent Latin lover, with refined but simple tastes. Her favorite look, on the set and in everyday life, was composed of a shirt, with a strictly French collar, a thin tie, a derby by Sutor Mantellassi. So she dressed in “8 and a half” and in “La dolce vita”. A model of glasses that he made famous? The 649 of Persol.

Richard Gere – Actor in the 80s, he has acted in cult films such as “American Gigolò”, “Officer and Gentleman” and “Pretty Woman”. Represents the man “Armani” par excellence, so much that King George has declared several times: “Nobody wears Armani like Gere”. Its elegance is relaxed as its style. He made famous one of the most famous inventions of his stylist friend: the unstructured jacket; of course we must not forget other significant details of her look: the glasses with shaded lenses, the unbuttoned shirt, the light-hearted air and the graying hair.

Sean Connery – The real and only agent 007. Without any doubt the most intriguing and virile, refined and fearless. His impeccable tuxedos, his tailored suits, but also his knitted polo shirts paired with shorts, were perfect on his lending body. Sir Connery embodies, although he has always proudly declared his Scottish origins, the perfect english man.

Marlon Brando – American post-war sex symbol, famous for his rebellious air and grumpy character, won two Oscars for Best Actor: one for “Front of the Port” and one for “The Godfather” (who refused cause of US policies on the natives Americans). Other cult films for which he is most remembered are “A tram called desire” and “Apocalypse now”. The iconic garments that made him a true star? Tank top and white t-shirt he wore tightly, leather jacket and jeans.

James Dean – He competed for the title of young Hollywood rebel with Marlon Brando. Symbol of America in the 50s and a promising career cut short after only three films (but they gave him eternal glory): “Burnt Youth”, “The Valley of Eden” and “The Giant”. An image has remained more than others in the collective imagination, able to perfectly summarize his style: he leaned against the wall in jeans, white T-shirt, red jacket and cigarette. A look imitated by the youthful fashions of the years to come. James Dean, a myth for everyone.

Paul Newman   His blue eyes have enchanted whole generations. His most famous films such as “The Hot Cat on the Roof”, “The Hustler”, “The Sting”, “The Color of Money” have left an indelible mark as its perfect beauty. His kind of elegance is all American; a casual chic style made up of simple garments (but which acquired a whole new flavor on him) such as chinos and white shirts or V-pullovers and moccasins on their feet. If the preppy style returns cyclically in vogue is also thanks to him.

Robert Redford – If we talk about this actor we think of many looks that have made history. Impossible not to remember it in “La Stangata”, “My Africa”, “As we were” or “All the President’s men”. A great contribution to the world of fashion, however, also gave it with what he wore in private life. Now that the big names of fashion have revived the ’70s let yourself be inspired by him and you will not be wrong. Her favorite item was undoubtedly jeans (she also liked to wear jackets in denim) that matched boots and hat on the head, country style, or a turtleneck. As an accessory, the aviator glasses on which fell his blond tuft. Schivo and reserved is, still today that has passed the 80 years, a man full of charm.

Cary Grant – It was a symbol of the golden age of American cinema, although it was originally from Bristol, England. Impossible to list all the famous films that have seen him protagonist (though in his long career he received only a statuette, to his career, in 1970). A life passed to wear with confidence the role of intriguing actor and impeccable demeanor. His elegance was acclaimed and his style consisted of high quality clothes with a classic, timeless footprint. He felt it was better to have a few things but all of high quality. It was the perfect mix of good taste, gentle manners and class.






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