Men’s Spring/Summer 2018 jackets, trendy models

Giacche uomo Primavera-Estate 2018

The trendy 2018 spring/summer men’s jackets are among the items of clothing that everyone should have at their fingertips. Whether they are elegant, sporty, casual, slim, summer or winter, as long as they have certain characteristics and follow the dictates of current fashion. For this season many models are characterized by motifs, embroidery and rock and unexpected decorations as well as timeless patterns, such as military camouflage. From leather jackets to jeans, through bomber jackets, trench coats and blazers, discover which are the most beautiful of spring / summer 2018.

Those who always want to keep up with the spring / summer 2018 fashion trends are well aware that they must often and willingly renew their wardrobe. To do this, you must know the must-haves of the season and carefully choose the ones that best suit your personal style. In this article we focus on jackets, coats not only cool but also useful to complete the look and shelter when the temperatures are not comfortable yet.

Men’s sports jackets

Giacche uomo PrimaveraEstate 2018 sportiva

Gucci, sporty jacket with hood

The men’s sports jacket must always be present in your closet. It is not just about having something to wear to go to the gym or to match the pants of a suit, but a complement that can solve the most casual looks. That’s why among these proposals we find men’s bomber jackets, like those signed by Saint Laurent and Gucci, who played with satin to obtain a shiny and showy effect. There are the hooded ones by Thom Browne but also the long and windproof models by K-Way.

Giacche uomo PrimaveraEstate 2018 invernale

Moncler, padded winter jacket for men

These are accompanied by a very special and decidedly sporty casual men’s jacket, which is the varsity, typically used in American colleges. It is usually characterized by contrasting sleeves and an application with a number or letter on one side of the chest. Among the best models of the moment there are those of Noah or some winter men’s jackets, therefore decidedly heavier and perfect for the evening, of Moncler.

Elegant men’s jackets

Giacche uomo PrimaveraEstate 2018 zara

Elegant men’s jacket by Zara


As for the most elegant and refined proposals, we recommend first of all to take a look at the jackets of the Zara spring/summer 2018 collection. The low cost brand has signed some really refined and worn to go to work or in case of ceremony . Among these there are blazers and double-breasted suits in shades of light and dark gray and in many other fashion colors.

Men’s casual jackets

Giacche uomo PrimaveraEstate 2018 jeans

Tom Ford, casual men’s denim jacket

Do not miss the most casual proposals and in this case there are the men’s denim jackets, which are decidedly more summery and recall the retro style of the 80s and 90s. Among the best and coolest we recommend the denim blue men’s jackets like those of Tom Ford, Frame and Craig Green.

Giacche uomo PrimaveraEstate 2018 pelle

Balmain men’s leather jacket with white inserts

These are flanked by men’s leather jackets, which can be black but also colored, often declined in decidedly sober colors, such as brown and beige. The most rock has Balmain designed them, with contrasting inserts in the shape of stars, while Les Hommes has played on the charm of the studs. 























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