All the trends in men’s fashion for spring/summer 2018

The men’s fashion for spring/summer 2018 really amazed all the menswear fans; yes, because for the next season the brands have decided to dare and, above all, to play with colors and volumes. In fact, regarding the color trends for spring/summer 2018 there is a change of course compared to last season. The color palette is decisive and rich in colors. Next to the more classic black and deep blue, we find vitamin and vibrant nuances, such as orange, fluorescent yellow, apple green and fiery red. Another interesting aspect are the prints we find on t-shirts, pullovers and shoes. The volumes are all very large and oversized, while the lines become defined and destructured. In addition, the man will wear accessories, such as bags and glasses, with a modern and futuristic character. Thus, all fashion designers seem to agree that men’s summer fashion is dominated by contrasts, becoming provocative and eccentric. That said, all you have to do is discover with us all the men’s fashion trends for spring/summer 2018.

Fashion trends for men’s spring/summer 2018 colors

tendenze colori moda uomo 2018

The men’s fashion colors for spring/summer 2018 are vitaminic and gaudy, in keeping with the good season now coming. Among the nuances that characterize the men’s looks we find the red fire, both in clothes and accessories, up to softer shades, such as green, yellow and pastel pink.

Among the high fashion brands to impose this change of course, we surely find Hugo Boss, Hermès and, of course, Gucci, who for the next season presented a capsule collection full of colors, such as red, purple and pink, declined in all its nuances.

Men’s fashion trend for spring/summer 2018: the prints

tendenze uomo stampe per la primavera estate 2018

Summer and it’s time to dare, and the men’s fashion for next season does it with prints, which we find on classic-style pullovers, on short-sleeved t-shirts, on denim trousers and even on shoes. An example are the Gucci round-neck t-shirts with all-over floral prints; or the fluo pink sweater with a bear print on the front is also beautiful.

So, the watchwords for spring/summer 2018 in terms of men’s fashion are to dare with colors, experiment with prints and play with matches.

Ample volumes and new men’s fashion trends for the next season

volumi ampi moda uomo tendenze primavera estate 2018

Men’s clothing for spring/summer 2018 is characterized by large volumes, oversized cut, both in trousers and in elegant jackets. So, for the summer, the outerwear becomes comfortable and practical, ideal for both a casual look and a more elegant and refined outfit.

Even the sleeves of pullovers and jackets are characterized by disproportionate volumes and even drapes as in the case of Kenzo. As for the pants, the man for next season will wear denim and classic trousers, characterized by oversized lines, to be combined with sweaters with bright nuances and maxi and unstructured blazers.

Men’s glasses trends for spring/summer 2018

tendenze uomo primavera estate sunglasses fascia gialla prada

Among the men’s fashion trends for spring/summer 2018, we can not talk about sunglasses.

In terms of eyewear trends for the upcoming season there are many types to choose from, from the classic ones with squared lenses to those with drop lenses, with a more vintage and retro mood.

Undisputed protagonists of the upcoming summer season are sunglasses with mirrored lenses, from the most disparate shapes. Next to this must have, there are the band glasses, also called a mask, with a decidedly futuristic design and perfect for those who love urban, modern and contemporary style.

Men’s shoes trends for spring/summer 2018

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The men’s shoes for spring/summer 2018 are designed to be worn at any time of day, either with a casual and easy look or with a more rigorous evening outfit.

Among the men’s shoes trends can not miss the timeless and irreplaceable sneakers, which for the summer the brands continue to offer them without laces and with band closure. So many models slip on, practical and comfortable to wear, up to the classic sneakers with laces, proposed in gritty colors, such as those signed Dolce & Gabbana fire red and with total black details in contrast; or, with applications of studs, for those who love a look more rock and grunge, like those signed Philipp Plein.

Do not miss the sorbet laced shoes and moccasins, up to those with tassels signed Jimmy Choo, to wear with a more elegant and refined look.

Hair man: trends for spring/summer 2018

tendenze capelli uomo primavera estate 2018 capelli mossi diesel

In the case of man’s hair, the spring/summer 2018 says yes to the medium length. So, let’s get ready to see long enough hair to cover the ears; These looks are perfect for wearing with both straight and wavy hair.

Another must have in terms of hair trends is definitely the fringe, straight and bushy on the forehead, or worn like a side tuft. So, for the next hot season will be a hairstyle with a classy chic mood and unkempt effect.






















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