Backpacks for men, the models for Spring/Summer 2018

Zaini uomo Primavera-Estate 2018

The backpacks for men are among the models for spring/summer 2018 that everyone should always have with him. They are practical and comfortable, true cool and trendy accessories that you can not miss. Inside the new collections there are many, from those to go to school up to the vintage leather models signed by brands such as Piquadro, The Bridge, Seven and Invicta, but also Samsonite and Fendi. Find out which are the latest coolest proposals of the warm season: here are all the men’s spring/summer 2018 msut have backpacks

Men’s leather backpacks

Zaini per uomo Primavera Estate 2018 piquadro

Piquadro, men’s backpack in mustard leather

The men’s leather backpack is a real great classic and among the proposals on the market there are several trendy and cool models. It is no coincidence that if this creation to be carried on the shoulders is among the new spring/summer 2018 man bags to have at all costs. Among the various proposals we suggest you to buy there is the Piquadro men’s leather backpack. The brand is famous for its refined and sober creations, which are also perfect for going to work. Inside these you will find compartments for documents but also for the pc; in this way you will have everything organized perfectly.

Zaini per uomo Primavera Estate 2018 samsonite

Samsonite, leather backpack with external pocket

To these are added the Samsonite men’s backpacks, excellent for formal looks. Do not forget that you can also bet on some low cost proposals, choosing brands like Carpisa, or prefer something trendy by opting for a man’s backpack from Zara.

Vintage men’s backpacks

Zaini per uomo Primavera Estate 2018 pelle

The Bridge vintage leather backpack

If you are lucky enough to own one or have any relatives willing to give it away, the vintage men’s backpack always has its charm and distinguishes its look with style. Most of the time we find ourselves in front of a timeless model and especially a vintage men’s leather backpack. This category includes all the models of the past, which often have only an external pocket and a large compartment inside. Among the most sought after and certainly rich in elements and details, there is the The Bridge leather backpack.

School backpacks

Zaini per uomo Primavera Estate 2018 scuola

Invicta backpack with red and black checked texture

As for the classic proposal to go to school, know that on Amazon and Zalando there are backpacks suitable for everyone and for every pocket. That said it is true that there are some brands of backpacks preferred over others. This is the case of the Seven and Invicta models, much loved in the 90s and back in fashion. They are colorful and rich in details and some of these have a strong vintage appeal. These proposals combine the Herschel men’s backpack, with a unique and recognizable style, which you will use to go to class but also in your free time.





















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