The style lessons learned in 2017 to be cool in 2018

You must feel comfortable, never too static but a statesman yes; good sustainability if driven by heritage and Italianity add a bit ‘of excess rock

Fashion, even the men’s, is a long wave that changes and changes over time. Thus, looking back and analyzing the past becomes a ruse to better face the future. And the way we want to dress ourselves to introduce ourselves – also – to others respects this oral norm. Here are the 9 style lessons we learned in 2017. A reflection on how we can improve (us) in 2018 because the important thing is to always go forward.

lezioni di stile 01 come vuoi tu BTS

01 Clothes as you feel

The key to everything is to know what you want to say about yourself. You’re not always serious, you’re not always cheerful, you’re not always sporty, you’re not always a manager, you’re not always a couch potato. So, why wear a single armor, a single style? So live the different looks whatever age you have and whatever nationality you are. Watch for example the BTS, the South Korean boy band winner of the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, among the most tweeted music celebrities in the world.

They continually change their look: very streetwear, but also formal, casual and loungewear.

Lezioni di stile 02 normcore

02 Eccentricity vs Normcore

As in wars there are neither winners nor so won in fashion no style prevails. Dandy looks are lovely, they attract attention, but in addition to being damn complicated they need a strong personality and no distraction. The normcore style instead is based on normality and simplicity. It represents our comfort zone. In 2017 not only has the so-called pouch returned from the main entrance, see Dior FW17 / 18, but on the catwalk the style of “common man” has had its moments of celebrity. Among the first brands to show it to the social networks the Parisians Vetements and Balenciaga both directed by Georgian Demna Gvasalia.

Lezioni di stile lo statista

03 Statist style is fashionable

They move casually in their white or turquoise shirts closed by strictly sober ties. The statesman style, entered in the chronicles with the election of 48-year-old Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, considered the world’s sexiest leader, is enriched year after year by the election of new and young alpha males. Thus the German Christian Lindner, leader of the liberals of the FDP, sdogana the beard of three days; French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron imposes by law the French collar that in France is called all’italiana; while Austrian neo-chancellor Sebastian Kurz just does not want to wear a tie. But everyone, all of them, wear complete suits with two or three buttons in different shades of blue or gray: a choice that becomes politically daily.

lezioni di stile 04 moda eco-sostenibile

04 If fashion becomes beautiful, well made and sustainable

It was November 19, 2014 when Kering published the first environmental income statement, the EP & L (Environmental Profit and Loss Account). Even our Chamber of Fashion has published years ago a manifesto of sustainability for Italian fashion, but it is only with the arrival of Carlo Capasa that sustainability becomes an important recognition with the Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2017. You will remember the image of the award-winning Giorgio Armani, Miuccia Prada, Pierpaolo Piccioli and Alessandro Michele. Now answer: How sustainable is your style? If you do not know it, ask your brands. Be careful; sustainability does not mean down fur, but it mainly concerns the working conditions of those who make your favorite garments.

Lezioni di stile essere comodi

05 Stay comfortable: sportswear – activewear – loungewear – nightwear

The fact that all these words end with -wear means that they have the concept of clothing in common. And so far it does not rain. But if the first two refer to sporting activity, the latter refer to the idea of idleness and rest. But there is one aspect that unites them all: being comfortable. From the Gucci slippers to the capsules with Lotto di Damir Doma; from baseball caps and Fendi slippers to Maison Valentino tailored suits, not to mention the Prada designer ones: as you can see, in 2018 you are spoiled for choice to get comfortable.

Lezioni di stile 06 - heritage

06 Heritage: a legacy that never ends

And to think that until the end of the 90s the old man was considered something to throw away. He knows something about Nicolas Loufrani, son of Franklyn, the French journalist who invented in 1971 Smaley, the smiley face. At the beginning of the millennium no fashion brand wanted to collaborate with its yellow smile. Now his licensing company is making hundreds of millions of euros (yes, you read that right) and his Smiley has decorated Moncler jackets, Fendi accessories, Zanotti shoes, Lee t-shirts, Supreme sweatshirts, Castelbajac sweaters and also the glasses of Italia Independent. Just to do a few examples. It is due to the return of the heritage capable of transforming everything that was considered old to authentic and therefore worthy of being honored and revisited.

Lezioni di stile stickers

07 From the chat to the clothes is a riot of pins, stickers and embroidery

They have filled our chats. From the signs of punctuation :) we passed to the emoticons to finish (so to speak) a whole series of images that describe moods, opinions, desires, passions. And from social media, they have gone on to embellish t-shirts, vests, shoes and bags. Among the best known is Pintrill with its endless collections of brooches and pins. Going up in the category you have available the leather stickers designed by the London Anya Hindmarch. They ride the wave of personalization even the big ones. Louis Vuitton allows you to decorate your accessories with an assorted series of screen prints related to the trip. And given that Alessandro Michele is a proponent of clothing as an expression of personality, even in Gucci could not miss a customization service: with Do It Yourself each customer chooses the embroidery to be applied on the garments of the collection.

Lezioni di stile 2017 - Chiamami col tuo nome

08 The Italian who dictates style abroad and also from us

The English cousins of GQ also wrote it, for the summer of 2018 the most appropriate masculine looks are those of Giulia Piersanti. The designer of Chiamami with your name has captured the attention of the stylist thanks to the stage costumes of the fascinating scholar Oliver played by Armie Hammer. The freshness of its pastel-colored Oxford shirts, the comfort of wide-leg chinos and the versatility of Converse’s legendary One Star. The latest effort by the director Luca Guadagnino will be released in theaters on January 25, ready to inspire a large number of followear.

Lezioni di stile 2017 - eccesso rock - Maneskin

09 Do not forget to be a little rock

2017 saw the death of the French rock king, Johnny Hallyday. He was 74 and the grit of a lion. His glittering shirts, fringes, flared pants, his Mad Max extras, jeans vests and his Harley Davidsons will remain in the history of the costume. We are just starting, however, for Damiano David and his Maneskin although they have already earned a platinum record. At will, in addition to their music are the excesses: transparent tank tops, skinny jeans, leopard jackets, rings, Indian earrings, boots with heels: urban gipsy very rock able to surprise and stand out!



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