The color spring of MINORONZONI 1953

Washed, garment-dyed leathers, colored, embellished with studs and decorations, from the jacket to the shoe the search for detail and authenticity become the key ingredients of the new collection

Research of detail and authenticity, these are the keywords of the spring / summer 2018 collection signed by MINORONZONI 1953 which makes leather and the art of knowing how to work its strength. Experimenting with color and workmanship come together to create unique pieces, in which what seems to be a flaw, becomes the distinctive feature of the garment, enhanced in all its “imperfection” to give it that right mood experienced, obtained in a workmanlike manner, for a vintage touch able to marry perfectly with every look.

Whether it’s a jacket, a bag, a shoe, but also a belt, the garments and accessories are as if they came out of a trunk of the past, consumed by wanderings and adventures, but also only by loyalty of use. Because everyone has had that head in the closet that becomes the companion of a thousand adventures. The garments of MINORONZONI 1953 have just that taste there, and also in the P / E 2018 the classic materials such as suede, canvas, nappa with washed, garment dyed or cloth, have a washed-out effect and mistreated artfully , micro-perforated, perforated, perforated and enriched with studs and decorations.

The skin is tinged with unusual nuances ranging from orange to blue, from mustard to green. Even the accessories do not cancel the color, whether they are belts or shoes, and the hides are wrinkled, or rolled and faded to give an irregular bicolor effect.

Among the items of clothing, the college jackets, barracuta or shirt-necked, are in lasered leather and in some cases made of leather and nylon to give the garment maximum lightness.



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