Mariano Di Vaio and the poles for La Martina

A special edition of polo to celebrate the values and origins of La Martina

There are some chance encounters in life that can turn out to be beautiful discoveries, because they are able to move alchemy and give birth to new ideas and new projects. This is what happened between the Argentine brand La Martina, founded in Buenos Aires in 1925 by Lando Simonetti, and Mariano Di Vaio, a professional influencer. The thunderbolt between the two was taken during a visit to the club pole Villa A Sesta, in the heart of Tuscany, where Mariano found himself catapulted into a world unknown to him, and which he immediately appreciated and shared: passion for sporting excellence and innate elegance, a common sense of familiarity and attachment to one’s roots. All values ​​that is the brand, for more than thirty years synonymous with polo fields, that Mariano Di Vaio fully share. Thus the idea was born. The company, which over the years has become a point of reference in the world of “Game of Kings”, both in terms of technical sports equipment, and thanks to a collection of clothing and accessories lifestyle upper-casual cut, decides to tell Mariano , leading the way through the history of the brand, thanks to a trip to Buenos Aires, passing from polo tournaments to the Simonetti family home, where everything originated.

Mariano remains entranced by such beauty and culture in a single brand that combines sport, family life and the customs of a land that is distant and close at the same time. In particular it is a shirt that hits the influencer: the first pole designed 35 years ago by Lando, taking inspiration from the uniforms of the 1940s and 1950s polists. Hence the proposal, completely spontaneous, to ask Mariano to reinterpret a set of garments able to trace a history of the iconic jersey, from the tricot model to the classic piquet, up to the jersey, emphasizing the link between sport, passion and tradition.

Challenge accepted. The result? The Primera Seleccion collection, presented at Pitti Uomo, which incorporates the traditional tricot cotton of the brand for a series of polo shirts with a modern fit in colors that recall on one side those of the Argentine flag, and on the other those of the sport tradition. Among the items there is also the classic piqué knitwear, and the jersey polo shirt with peculiar graphics and personalizations and a strong visual impact, without departing from the world of sport.



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