Christmas outfit for him, jacket or sweater? Our tips to be perfect


Not only do women keep us appearing in great shape during the Christmas holidays, men also want to look their best, starting with a look

Christmas outfit for men

What is the right clothing to wear at Christmas? Even men ask these questions in front of the wardrobe, it is not a “problem” purely feminine, as many people think. Jacket, sweater, casual, elegant, men can go into crisis when they come out of their comfort zones, from the look they wear as a uniform every day and in which they feel more comfortable.

Especially new occasions are particularly appealing, for example: Christmas lunch at the home of the new girlfriend, the first time she meets the whole parent who will judge him without restraint, and hence the drama in the drama: cut the beard, cover the tattoos : Help!

No panic, as for women also for men is the rule that you need to feel comfortable and be yourself, even when we know that maybe someone turn up their nose for that pierced nose, we will certainly have other cards to play to make breach in heart of the people that interest us.

In any case it is possible to work on the Christmas look by choosing clothes that make us look elegant, but not excessively constructed, even if everything will be resolved with a classic family dinner, at least on these occasions we try not to be unkempt.

Christmas outfit with jacket

The jacket alone is already half a look, so if you decide to wear it on a pair of jeans or pants for a broken suit, you will already be halfway through the work. Under the jacket is necessary the shirt, the tie we can safely leave it in the drawer if the occasion is not particularly formal. Velvet is a great trend, an excellent fabric for the blazer, to get out of the usual; bet on the red wine with shirt and pendant, you will make a great impression. To give a dandy touch to your look, put a small silk scarf or handkerchief in your pocket, perhaps in jacquard print.

Christmas look with sweater

A classic blue sweater or one inspired by Christmas maybe fun? If you celebrate Christmas at home with friends and family and want to feel comfortable and at ease, it is definitely the best choice. Are you the landlord? You can be in a sweater while you untangle between dishes and glasses of wine to be filled, with the jacket would be much more tiring, you can always change before the toast and selfie ritual, when you finally can enjoy a chat on the couch. From Zara to Mango, but also online on Zalando or Asos, you can find the sweater that best suits your style and budget.

Men’s outfit for Christmas, what shoes to wear

The dilemma shoes also afflicts men, who at least do not have to fight with heels. If your party outfit is wanted, opt for a leather shoe, not too classic, you do not have to go to a wedding, it’s just Christmas. The velvet ankle boots are also ideal for casual outfits. The sneakers are fine, only if they are not worn and worn, if you have a rather recent pair it’s time to show them off. Amphibians, on the other hand, are best left to off-road trips, excessive for home parties. Another solution is the ankle boot, not pointed, but clear, but of soft leather for those who do not want to give up jeans.



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