Geox now also makes the jackets breathe

After the shoes, the brand presents the jacket that breathes: the patented system that allows the natural thermoregulation

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After successfully solving the problem of perspiration in shoes with rubber soles, the Geox brand goes further and also for clothing develops a collection that guarantees high breathability, thermoregulation and comfort. The patent has been designed to promote body transpiration and finds its main application in outerwear, for the precision in the use of a special construction system of the garment that exploits the physical principle of “convection”, according to which the air hot tends to expand upward. In the Geox outerwear the excessive heat evaporating salt through an interspace (spacer) placed around the body, under the lining, exiting through a band of aerators on the shoulders.

The effectiveness of the Geox patent for clothing is certified by a test conducted in the laboratory through specific patented equipment and the benefits are obvious: with the Geox system the garment remains drier, the humidity perceived decreases, comfort is increased, attenuating the discomfort of excessive heat.

To the whole of the clothing collection we find Amphibiox and Nebula that represent the qualitative superiority Geox. For Amphibiox garments, waterproofing and cold-screening performance are combined with multi-functional shapes with more modern colors and workmanship. In the Nebula project the models are made of an exclusive stretch fabric with ecological padding, integrated with the revolutionary 3D Breathing Engineering system and designed to ensure the most advanced standards of comfort and breathability.

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