Weekend in the mountains

In the mountains it is essential to focus on the quality of the garments. Advice? Dry and comfortable lines and high-performance fabrics, not too thick. The great cold is always lurking, but also the risk of looking like the Michelin man.

If you love adventure and the desire of nature, you are encouraged to go for walks on the summit, do not forget to pack a pair of proper trekking boots.

For lovers of mountain weekends, high-altitude walks and outdoor atmospheres, the starting point of the look is made of warm and enveloping garments, but with a certain versatility. On the one hand, the needs of style require Scottish fabrics, flannel shirts, sheepskin and thick wool sweaters that are enlivened by jacquard designs inspired by nature and woody colors. On the other hand, the garments must be functional, to optimize performance in the case of competitive sports or sudden snowfalls. The clothing, therefore, must be completed with quilted jackets and gilet in wool or goose down and waterproof technical materials to be worn in layers. And finally scarves, gloves, hats to choose according to the occasion. For a walk through the woods or on snowy roads, we recommend gloves and technical caps, waterproof and able to cover the ears, perhaps in fluorescent colors to make you recognizable (it’s a safety measure). Instead, if you are aiming for après-ski aperitif, choose a cashmere shell, in neutral colors, ready to slip into a pocket if the atmosphere warms up.

The extra advice

Even in the mountains you can not give up a touch of style for the render-vous in the hotel or dinner in the cabin. In this case, better bet on some evergreen men’s wardrobe. The hunting style with a tweed jacket and an official vest, accompanied by velvet trousers or leather accessories, could be the right solution.

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