The North Face celebrates the 1992 Nuptse Jacket

A revolutionary garment that has become iconic

After the launch of the collection with Supreme, The North Face, the brand linked to the outdoor mountain world launches a new capsule collection to celebrate its Nuptse Jacket. The jacket was born in 1992, which takes its name from a Tibetan mountain located a mile southwest of Mount Everest. The Nuptse is the western peak of what is considered a gold mine for climbers and its name means, in fact, “peak western”.
The North Face

At the time of launch, the Nuptse Jacket was the first to offer an innovative panel structure designed to significantly increase heat and has immediately become one of the most coveted garments in the world. This iconic jacket is now a regular presence in the Himalayan base camps but also on the streets of New York. 25 years after its birth, a collection of exact replicas of the original jacket was created, revisited in a range of colors such as Cobalt Blue, the iconic The North Face Red, The North Face Black and Yellow Dome Print and declined in two models : jacket and sleeveless.

The jacket is characterized by the classic padded panels with warm RDS certified goose down and a celebratory label inside and one in fabric on the sleeve.

The North Face

“The name of the jacket comes from the mountain on which the base camp of the team that created it was installed, taking its inspiration from the impressive, wild and unexplored Nuptse,” says Darren Cookson, VP Product of The North Face EMEA. “In the mountains there is an old saying, a rule to follow when choosing your equipment: traveling light. This means that you have to carry only essential and really necessary things in your backpack. All the elements that characterized the design of the Nuptse jacket were designed with these principles in mind. After some reinterpretations designed to obviate the fact that the structure of the jacket partially compromised thermal insulation, in 1992 the Nuptse Jacket was re-launched with a new look and feel and an innovative horizontal panel structure. This new design has sensitively minimized the movement of the feather inside the jacket, improving the feeling of warmth: an icon was born. “

The North Face

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