Understanding how to dress well and what are the styles and rules of pairing is really very important to create looks that are always appropriate for various occasions of use. Some people prefer more formal dresses and more casual ones, those who opt for the more sporty ones and those who instead adore the fashion style, alternating rock or preppy outfits. How to dress well and stylish for some may seem very easy, while for others it is really more difficult, especially when you do not have a truly defined personal style. For this reason we provide you with a series of tips and remind you of the rules for dressing well on any occasion.

First of all it is important to feel comfortable with the clothes that you wear: everyone can customize their style, choosing the one that best suits their personality and character. A sure and determined man will prefer equally determined clothing. There are also those who, preferring classic and sober garments, rely entirely on accessories, being more cared for and careful to details. If instead you are eccentric and you aim to amaze at all costs, you will choose an impact style.


Come vestirsi bene regole

To understand how to dress well, man must understand some simple rules. The first is to avoid wearing too many colors, especially when these belong to the same color range. When you do not know how to dress, then you bet everything on jeans, because they are comfortable with everything, and avoid the sports pants, to be used only for physical activity. You can combine the straps to the shirts but not to the polo shirts or sweaters, while the white socks are absolutely to avoid, especially those in terry, which are no longer used even to go to the gym. Usually the belt and shoes must be the same color, especially when creating a formal and elegant look. The pocket pochette should not be the same color as the tie and, as far as accessories are concerned, avoid those with brands that are too prominent. Remember that in the most formal circumstances the broken dress is unsuitable and if you have been invited to a wedding, avoid the tuxedo, unless it is required on participation.


come vestirsi bene ragazzo

Everyone wants to dress well and this is also true for the younger ones. Obviously not enough a suit or something casual and sporty to appear at the top, so let’s see how to make a nice look at any age. How can a 16-year-old boy dress well? Sweatshirt and jeans, pullover and chino pants, sneakers and ankle boots but also short-sleeved shirts and Bermuda shorts in summer. The same rules apply to those who want to dress well at 13, 14 and 15 years. A guy who wants to dress well in school, however, will have to take into account that this is a rigorous and formal environment (like the office for an adult) so it should never appear unkempt.


come vestirsi bene a 30 anni

At 30, things change compared to adolescence and you have to pay close attention to your look. Normally in this period you have a full working life, so, unless you have a real uniform, we suggest you always wear a shirt and a trousers with a straight and classic cut. When you have important meetings, wear a tie with a jacket. In your spare time, there is no real dress code to respect, but try to avoid clothes and accessories too much as a boy. These rules are also valid for those who want to understand how to dress well at 26 or 32.


come vestirsi a 40 anni

To dress well, a man must perfectly understand his age. With this we simply want to remind you that, as time passes, we grow, the needs and also the type of clothing change. Understanding how to dress at 40 is not very difficult, because the needs are very similar to those of 30 years. Be formal when you need it, and be informal when you can cut out some free time. Avoid, instead, to appear too shabby and slippers.


come vestirsi bene a 50 anni

Dressing well at 50 is extremely easy. Let the most sporting outfits remain, unless you are real athletes, and prefer pullovers and cigarette pants, lace-up shoes, boots and moccasins, and elegant dresses in case of important ceremonies and events. These same rules also apply to those looking for advice on how to dress well after age 50.


come vestirsi a 60 anni

How to dress well at 60? In this case we suggest you always prefer the shirt, in summer and even during the colder months, and use soft trousers and comfortable shoes. It is important to understand how to dress well in winter when it is cold, because, over time, it is easier to get sick. Cover yourself well with scarf and hat and favorite turtleneck sweaters. The same advice also applies to those who want a suggestion on how to dress well at Christmas, when they are certainly granted more bright colors, such as bright red, and textures like paintings and rhombuses.

Here, these are definitely all the rules and advice on how a man can dress well.

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