Let’s start with some “Street Style in Milan”

I want to start with this picture, because there are a lot of things i like on this one, and there are three styles i actually really like.

The first one on the left: of course is classy and of course you never go wrong with that if you have to go out  for dinner with a girl!

Middle: My favorite couse it has a lot of elegance with a little touch of summer witch makes everything so casual. And also so easy to make.

Right: Nice and classic skinny jeans and Beatles shoes witch i like under those jeans, and nice jacket, kind of a trench without the belt.

By the way guys what i want to do here, is just show you the way I like people to be dressed, in this way i want to give you maybe some suggestion, or maybe you can give it to me why not. Hope I made the point and you liked. Peace

Alexander Style

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